UIs personalized to every single customer are a new cool thing in the app development

Building personalized UIs is very cool. Your app does not have to look the same for every single person. One way to easily customize your app is to extract color palette from customer profile/cover photo.

This is how it’s done:

First, we load image from a url to the list…

Why can’t I catch this Exception?

When using try/catch there is a difference when using await or not in front of your async function. If you do not wait your async function to be finished, catch section will not be called when an exception is fired inside you async method.

void main() {
try {…

Custom animated in-app notifications that are super easy to code

In this tutorial, I will suggest the way of handling notifications after they have successfully arrived to our app. There are lots of tutorials that explain how to setup Android/iOS native part in order to receive them, which we will skip.

At the beginning, we will create a class called…

Good luck Flutteristas!!! You can do it! :)

Flutter is relatively new technology but it gets more and more popular each day and if you check the number of available Flutter jobs worldwide, on LinkedIn for example, you can see that lots of new jobs gets posted each day.

Currently, there are 4k+ Flutter jobs available just on…

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